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Best beaches in Greece mainland

Kalamitsi (Sithonia)

Greece Ocean, Kalamitsi Beach itself is sandy and vast. The water is clear if it is windy. If you would like to go through, my advice would be to go towards the end of the shore.

Since the beach is wide and long, there is lots of space for everybody. You bring your own or can lease umbrellas and sunbeds. You will notice a tiny island nearby, which you may research by either scaling or snorkeling.

Where To Stay:

Ammos Kalamitsi, Kalamitsi Studios The unfortunate side to this shore could be that it does not have showers or bathrooms. If you purchase a drink there, you could use the baths of the restaurants.

In the event you require water for showering, you could bring a few in a jar.

Best For Sunbathing child panoramic views and family-friendly

Quick Bites: Zorbas Taverna, Chica Beach Bar Giorgakis

Without mentioning the attractiveness Kalamitsi, we can not write about the most beautiful beaches in Halkidiki, Greece. This location is a paradise that is real. And the best part, it is straightforward to get to the beach!

Getting to Kalamitsi Beach Sithonia is a slice of cake since the place is under a minute off from the primary street between Sarti and Toroni. It’s a key road where you can park your vehicle there are markets and lots of bars too around the region.

Toroni Beach (Sithonia)

People who like endless sandy beaches and clear waters should visit Toroni Beach. Akti Toroni is the head beach of the little Greek village of Toroni. This beach is broad and long, which makes it perfect for the people who want to be able to elude the crowds. You can find showers, bars, and taverns at this otherworldy beach destination.

Even if it is windy, the water stays clean and beautiful. It is one of the key reasons why Toroni beach is among the best beaches you can find in Halkidiki Greece.

The prices of beverages and sunbeds seem to be rising each summer. So, in 2019 pay for renting two sunbeds and an umbrella was  €8 (two drinks included). You will find both organized and free areas at Toroni Beach, so you can bring your towels and umbrellas should you want to.

Papa Nero Beach (Pelion)

Papa Nero is a beautiful location to relax and enjoy your summer vacation, thanks to its crystal clear waters and location. The beach is close to the tourist town of Agios Ioannis in Greece mainland and is a magnet for tourists visiting the Pelion region.

Nevertheless, Papa Nero is wide and long, which makes it sufficient to accommodate anybody and, at the same moment, allow visitors to have their own space. Certain parts have bars for people who prefer sunbeds and umbrellas; there are also parts for people who want to relax on the sand.

For people who are”Mamma Mia” fans, the Damouchari beach is close to visit. Damouchari is where the “Dancing Queen” scene took place, and Meryl Strip danced from the Greek village down to the sea harbor. Make sure to pay a visit to the nearby Damouchari Castle.

  • Most suitable For Movie lovers, sunbathing and relaxing, family-friendly
  • Where You Should Stay: Ammos papers, Appartments Zoe
  • Quick Bites: Orea Ammoudia, The Platanos
  • Close Beaches: Paralia Agios Ioannis, Damouchari Beach
  • Beach position: Papa Nero, Pelion, Greece

Assa Maris (Sithonia)

Someplace amidst Sithonia and Athos, Assa Maris Bomo Club holds one of the most remarkable private beaches I’ve ever seen. This all-inclusive beach-front resort swagger with a golden sandy beach, which is wide and long and naturally splendid.

Furthermore, the sunbeds and umbrellas are furnished free of charge for their guests; the same goes for the drinks you can take from the pool bar. Hence, anyone searching for a truly relaxing experience should put this resort on their bucket list.

  • Best For Sunbathing and relaxing, snorkeling, couples, family vacations
  • Where To Stay: Bomo Assa Maris Beach
  • Quick Bites: Elounda, Bomo Assa Maris Club Restaurant
  • Nearby Beaches: Salonikiou Beach, Akti Gerontokores
  • Beach Location: Assa, Halkidiki

Greek islands

Best island for: Flopping on a beach with a good book It is undoubtedly the most popular with families, who come for a laid-back vibe and the infant sandy shores, although Place of Skopelos.

The island has some of the best beaches in Greece, together with the coastal, turquoise-watered Koukounaries at the south, the most celebrated and the busiest (forget about getting a sun lounger here in peak season).

As dusk falls, the city starts to liven up, with a lot of the action the main shopping drag. Stroll it down and navigate boutiques selling knick-knacks and jewelry, or pick up delicacies from the Ergon deli, which also has outposts in Thessaloniki, Athens, and Mayfair.

The buzziest restaurants are clustered with Bourtzi, perched atop the ideal place for sundowner cocktails, a little island, and The Windmill a favorite for suppers.

For the setting, visit Sklithri and reserve one of the tables of the taverna. Baked feta order a Mythos beer and a spoonful of vegetables watch the sunset with your feet in the sand.

Until the Elivi opened in 2018, where to stay in Skiathos: The island was not known for its resorts. The hotel has four of the island’s many beautiful beaches within walking distance and rooms. White Key handles some gorgeous properties, such as Villa Orelia, which includes its very own cinema.


Best for: Sailors, surfers, and superstar beaches

Unlike the other Ionian islands, it is available from the mainland via a causeway on the tip. Additionally, it is easily reached in the UK, with direct flights to Preveza, a 40-minute drive.

Lefkada’s primary town, flattened by an earthquake in the 1950s, will not take your breath away, but those famous cliff-backed beaches, Egremni and Porto Katsiki, sure will.

You’ll find sheltered beaches regardless of which way the wind is blowing. Still, if you’re here for the swell, the south coast is excellent for windsurfing (head to Vassiliki or Sivota, home to the world windsurfing championships) and Agios Ioannis bay billows with kite-surfers.

In Nidri, ignore the unlovely pubs and watersports centers, and hop on a boat to explore the little isles nearby. You may swim through sea caves on Kalamos, consume seared tuna with trauma at Errikos taverna on Meganisi, a favorite of reclusive billionaires, and watch the sunset with a basil-infused Mastiha and tonic at Mylo’s pub, a converted windmill on Kastos.

Want to escape the summer crowds or to cool down? Drive through woods of chestnut and walnut into Lefkada’s mountainous interior to the sleepy villages of Karya (home to an enchanting cloth museum), Eglouvi (to play backgammon under plane trees) and Exanthia (to watch the setting sun from up in the clouds in Rachi restaurant). You might even see paragliders.

Where to Stay in Lefkada:

Great price and family-friendly, Idilli Villas is a secluded collection of stone houses, most with private pools. It’s a 10-minute stroll to the cute seaside town (and exceptional fish tavernas — attempt Sappho) of Agios Nikitas. Five Star Greece specializes in ultra-luxe properties, such as Lefkada JD, which has a RIB boat, chef, housekeeper, and a gym.


Best for: The perfect balance of seclusion and sophistication

Among the smallest Ionian islands packs a punch. Not for its five-star hotels (there are hardly any) or its sandy shores (practically none), but for its electric blue sea and three dinky harbor cities, each one so pretty it is impossible to pick a favorite.

In Loggos, on the waterfront terrace of Taxidi bar evenings are spent on the northeast coast, where the proprietor, Spiros jams with local musicians. You could while away days at the waterfront cafés of Lakka, watching lissom sailors hop off and on their yachts.

Protected from the wind but with a lively social scene, the principal port of Gaios is characterized by Venetian architecture and a high quota of stylish Italians, who own pale stone villas hidden in the wooded inside or on the crest of the limestone cliffs along the western shoreline.

All roads lead to Ben’s Bar, a happy-go-lucky hangout on Monodendri beach, where you can laze with French toast and Piña Coladas under the olive trees.

Be sure that you rent a motorboat to putter along the shore or across to Antipaxos, an island that was even smaller rimmed by the teal-blue ocean. Paths through vineyards and orchards trickle down to bays with the sea. It looks retouched.

Scott Williams specializes in scene-stealers designed for large group getaways, which often come with their boat and shore.

As an alternative, you can charter their teak ketch for day trips or overnight adventures. For romantic hideaways where nobody could ever find you, take a look at The Thinking Traveller’s portfolio. Their reps that are well-connected can arrange restaurant reservations, private picnics, and chefs on secret beaches.


Most magnificent Greek island for: A photogenic and dramatic coastline

Everyone knows the Venus de Milo (which has stood at the Louvre since the 19th century). Until recently, very few had heard the volcanic island of Milos.

Those in the know jealously guard their treasured island, and especially its 70 (or more) beaches — certainly the most varied and dramatic coastline of all of the Greek Islands.

Little by little, however, Milos is being discovered. Instagram is saturated with the swimming hole at Papafragas no-filter shots of the undulating shore at Sarakiniko, tiny boat houses wedged between sea and stone, and colorful, stomata that were rickety.

(You’ll discover the best photo opportunities at Mandrakia and Klima ). As the mining industry that was 11,000-year-old is gradually giving way, and many chic hotels have made an appearance. Go now, before the trickle of traffic turns into a wave.

Where to remain on Milos: Having a wooden deck and sunbeds shaded by billowing sails, Salt is like staying on a ship floating above the Bay of Pollonia. For a serene escape, check into Skinopi Lodge, three discreet villas on a hillside estate facing the horizon.

detailed guide to Greece to help you get to know several groups of Greek islands and to narrow down the best things to do in Greece.

Athenians regularly visit these islands for the beaches, but they are forgotten by those who know them.
Greek islands can indeed be visited by car.

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