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There are plenty of beautiful places in China that even the most passionate nature lovers can visit, scattered across the vast country. Many people realize that breathtaking outdoor spaces like the Great Wall of China and the mountains of Tibet can be just around the corner, but we have a new direction to add to the list : China. There is only one recognized national forest park in the world, located in both the northern province of Hunan and southeastern China, and it is the only national park of its kind in Asia. 

The Karst Mountains, located in the southern region of China known as Guangxi Zhuang, are famous for their beauty, and this is one of the best places to take your camera with you on your travels. Nicknamed the “Paradise on Earth” in China, Hangzhou is a picturesque city centered around the famous West Lake. Closed off from Shanghai, the city is more of a quiet haven filled with gardens, temptations, pavilions and historic streets. 

The Yellow Mountain of Huangshan Mountain was designated a World Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1990. Here you can see the features that make the mountain stand out from the others. The city boasting the world’s highest mountain, the highest peak of the Yangtze River, is a truly popular tourist destination in China. This city, located in the northeast of China is abbebed of rich natural and cultural resources. 

Many natural wonders are in remote areas of China and the time it takes to reach them is worth it. We have compiled a list of what we consider some of the most beautiful natural and cultural wonders in China, from the world’s most popular tourist destinations. This volcanic pool is often described as one of most Beautiful sights in the China. Photographers are delighted because of its almost supernaturally painted volcanic pools. 

Chinese company Places would like to show you. It is located in an area of outstanding natural beauty. China is abbebed with many cities with breathtaking views that will delight the eyes and even take you to the land of your dreams. 

Jiuzhaigou National Park is impressive. The park is huge and the lacquer here is so thick that you can see so many waterfalls and green forests right at the bottom. When we think of China we all think about overcrowding and industrial zones, but the reality is that China is abbebed full of stunning, unspoiled and protected nature. Bus systems that transport tourists are popular and can be crowded. This is something you will never forget. 

You can explore the natural beauty of these picturesque places by cruising, hiking and cycling. Guilin has long been one of the most popular tourist destinations in China for its beautiful landscape, but it is now being lauded as its landscape’s most beautiful sky. Yangshuo’s landscape is superior to Guilsin ‘s. 

You can experience a completely different culture and tradition wherever you choose to visit. Think outside the box when planning your next great outdoor adventure. Bebe a beautiful scenic hike with a view of the mountains, no matter what tour you chose, it’s bound to be beautiful and scenic hikes with views of mountains. 

China is full of natural conditions that need to be explored. China’s landscape is diverse and breathtaking. Combining nature with one of the world’s oldest cultures makes China a place to dream about. It boasts the highest concentration of mountains, the largest number of lakes and rivers, and the most diverse landscape in Asia. 

From sand dunes to the tallest statues on the planet, here are the most beautiful places in China that you need to see. China’s ancient cities, made of stone, are fascinating. Not surprisingly, they are filled with countless known haemorrhages and hidden mysteries waiting to be discovered. 

Meanwhile, the famous Great Wall of China is a huge attraction for visitors. How many people stop to admire the end of the structure, which flows into the sea? Around every corner is another breathtaking country, one of which is the most incredible. MailOnline Travel takes you on a visual journey to explore these breathtaking countries and their amazing sights, and show you why they are worth a visit. 

While it may be one of the largest countries on earth, these stunning photos prove that it is also one the most beautiful. It is a picturesque landscape that has long attracted tourists to the country. 

When it comes to China’s natural attractions, they include the Great Wall of China, the Yangtze River, and many other formations to explore. We have taken a look at some of the world’s most beautiful natural formations in China to give you an impressive insight into this world heritage. 

Guilin, on the banks of the Li River, is said to have whimsical cave looking caves. There are three gorges in the Yangtze River and nine of them are listed as UNESCO natural heritage sites due to their unique scenic beauty, including the Great Wall of China, the Grand Canyon, and the Gobi Desert. Chinese island of Hainan, where on a clear day, you can enjoy the views from the surrounding islands, as well as the natural beauty of this island. 

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